What People Are Saying


I could never have dreamed that the teachings of shamanism and in particular the process of shamanic journeying would have begun to alter me at my very core in all of these “ripple” effect ways. I am now 55 and have traveled many pathways. But this is the work that far transcends any of those attempted pathways.

I want to thank you for making information on shamanism available through your book The Way of the Shaman and through all of the work you are doing to promote education and understanding. I took my first shamanic journey today and although I have never had any training or formal education in this area, I found the experience to be extremely profound and life altering. It was very different than I could have imagined it would be like, and the welcome I received in the Lower World brought me to tears as well as laughter.

As a doctoral level social scientist and marriage and family therapist, I can attest to the fact that this work is the most powerful of all of the modalities in which I’ve trained.

I remain enormously grateful to the many wonderful teachers you have trained. Do you know that although it appears that many have “gone off on their own,” it is you and your course work that comes so strongly through them. They have an ethic of care that you imparted to them. I wouldn’t study with any other teachers than those who were trained by the Foundation because I trust you and I trust the teachers you have birthed into being.



The entire weekend blessed my socks off! I had no real expectation of what would happen during my weekend, so it is with great joy that I say, “It changed my life.”

This workshop was very positive and life changing.
I will never be the same. I feel more connected to the earth and the animals of this world.

Thank you for an incredible weekend.
I wish I would have known about this 20 years ago. To spend this past weekend in a room with people who not only embraced and shared my experiences but were also cogent and sane was remarkable. And to have this lead by facilitators who were spiritually realized, pragmatic, and incredibly intelligent was intensely important.

One of the most valuable things you taught me in the workshop was the way you placed the responsibility for deciphering and understanding the meaning of our lessons upon our own shoulders. Not once did you interpret for us. You left the power in our hands. I've begun to model this with my son and my clients. It's a humble and empowering way to interact with others, especially in relationship to the universal power of the spirits.

Very interesting, curious and applicable to my life. I felt I received deep healing and insights. I feel more in touch with the natural world.

The workshop was everything I expected and more. I am frankly incredulous that I was able to journey and complete the practice. Everything I encountered seemed at once familiar and strange — and authentic!

Totally amazing! Unexpected occurrences in my journeying.

Totally Awesome! Fun, expansionary and perfectly harmonious. Love the experiential orientation.

Very spiritually awakening. A very meaningful experience and practices I can use.

Best experience I've had spiritually in some time.

The content and structure were very well put together. I have a very confident anchor for the rest of my shamanic knowledge, and any other knowledge I require.

As a student who loved anthropology years ago, this has been the continuation of understanding and respecting ancient cultures and indigenous practices. And, as someone who always wanted to be a doctor and never was—an avenue into another kind of healing.

Incredible. Really powerful tools and information.

It was soul-enriching.

Very eye-opening. Done with great integrity.

It was life-changing. Quite an experience. It would take thousands of words to describe.

It is much more than I thought it would be. I feel that everything I’ve done has brought me to this. I feel so at home with this work and with myself.

Great! Very fulfilling and healing. A nurturing environment.

Powerful. Transformative. Restorative.

I was able to get answers directly from spirits through methods taught. Feel I have a much firmer foundation for that which was taught previously only by books.

I’'ve been in many learning environments, but this was such a gift that keeps on giving.

Very safe container for healing experiences.

I found this an authentic, inspiring, respectful, and replete method of teaching and training.

Fantastic. Really intense experiences which may propel me into my next life phase.

It was awesome! I felt a potential for completeness by having my true path accessible to me.